New Sennheiser XS Wireless Microphone Systems Debuts

axsw1vocalsetmood-0117Sennheiser is debuting a new radio microphone series: XS Wireless 1 and – in a preview – XS Wireless 2.

The series uses the Sennheiser evolution capsules, and employs antenna switching diversity for reliable reception. The individual sets provide up to ten compatible, preset channels in eight frequency banks, and are available in a number of ranges across the UHF spectrum — A: 548-572 MHz, GB: 606-630 MHz, B: 614- 638 MHz, C: 766-790 MHz, D: 794-806 MHz, E: 821-832 MHz + 863-865 MHz, K: 925-937.5 MHz. The receiver provides balanced XLR and unbalanced jack outputs.

All XS Wireless 1 sets come complete with receiver, transmitter, microphone capsule or instrument cable, power supply unit and batteries. Two XS Wireless 1 Vocal Sets give a choice of two different microphone capsules, the e 825 cardioid capsule or the superior capsule of the e835, also with a cardioid pick-up pattern. Also included is a microphone clamp. The XS Wireless 1 Headmic Set with ME 3-II headworn microphone is an ideal solution for any live sound application where users need to have their hands free when singing or presenting.

The Lavalier Mic Set includes the unobtrusive ME 2-2 lavalier microphone with mic clip.

The upcoming XS Wireless 2 series, which will become available in April 2017 and that takes the benefits of XSW 1 even further. XS Wireless 2 has been designed for users who need greater flexibility and control. Consequently, XSW 2 has up to 12 compatible, tunable channels in its eight frequency banks, and an LCD display that shows the transmission frequency, AF and RF levels and battery status.

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The XS Wireless 2 series includes two Vocal Sets with either a cardioid e835 dynamic capsule or a super-cardioid e 865 pre-polarised condenser capsule, a Headmic Set, a Lavalier Set, and an Instrument Set. All XSW sets are compatible with each other.

Here are the details.