New SDI Input Cards for 6GSDI and 12GSDI Signals in Volume Production

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We are happy to introduce our new SDI input card in the DVP500x video processor, DMX302x scaling matrix and DXN6000 video wall processor families.

SDI is used in various industries that demand high-quality, reliable, and uncompressed audio and video transmission. Its strength and signal integrity can handle long cable runs, making it suitable for applications where maintaining the content’s quality is crucial.

The SDI signals are used for transmission of uncompressed and unencrypted digital video signals. The highest speed SDI versions as 6GSDI and 12GSDI are supported by all DEXON products for complex projects in broadcasting industry from today.

There are some ways you could use Serial Digital Interface:

  • Broadcasting and television production
  • Live events
  • Professional AV installations
  • Medical imaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Surveillance and security

DEXON’s modular matrix, video processor and video wall controller families can incorporate 1-14 boards and so handle 4-72 SDI input signals. The chassis can scale up or scale down the SDI signals and display  with any output resolution up to 4K60.

The product satisfy complex AV projects’ requirements with small or large configurations from 4×4 to 144×72 sizes.

The all-in-one modular boxes from DEXON offer outstanding services for the succesful project integration:

  • Configurations of 4×4 to 144×72 sizes
  • Processing and display of 4K input signals to one or multiple outputs
  • Unlimited, real-time signal scaling for inputs and outputs
  • Seamless switch if changing input signals
  • Fade in, fade out, cross fade effects
  • OSD of extra information text
  • Professional HDCP and EDID handling
  • Video-independent audio signal handling
  • Support of HDMI, direct connect HDBaseT, 12G, 6G SDI signals

The matrix offers local consol or remote web based graphis user interface for the remote control.

  • Platform-independent web browser support
  • Built-in hiearchical user administration and access right handling
  • Easy to use graphis user interface to manage operation
  • Support of different local languages

Enjoy several world leading services only in DEXON products:

  • All-in-one box providing scaling matrix, routing matrix and video processor services in a single box
  • Stamp-sized, live preview of 8 or 16 input signals
  • Static background image
  • Remote supervision and management of internal device health
  • Set of custom output resolution for LED control