New Prysm “Guest Mode” Expands Prysm Visual Workplace

prysm-visual-0916Prysm announced Guest Mode, a new feature within the Prysm Application Suite that enables Prysm customers to add outside participants, such as potential customers, partners or contractors, to a Prysm Visual Workplace meeting, contributing to a more collaborative relationship that can immediately improve partnership productivity and lead to additional revenue potential.

Prysm Visual Workplace offers unique features such as access through a web browser, no download required, and a secure cloud-based portal that offers real time collaboration across any device or location. It also offers persistent work spaces, enabling meeting participants to continue a previous meeting exactly where they left off, including immediate access to contents from the previous meeting.

With the Guest Mode feature, each licensed Prysm user can provide access to any third-party participant, inside or outside the host’s organization. Once inside, guests can collaborate in real time with the other meeting participants to share and edit content and brainstorm ideas for a rich collaboration experience in meetings.

With Guest Mode, hosts can:

  • Invite non-licensed users outside the company to participate in a Prysm session
  • Maintain content control, deciding when guests can access the project and what they can see
  • Pick up where they last left off, finding comments and annotations exactly as they left them, due to workspaces and content being persistently stored in the cloud

Guests can:

  • Log in with an access code or accept an email invite
  • Access projects remotely when hosts are concurrently accessing the same project
  • Actively participate in collaboration sessions or meetings by adding or manipulating content

Guest Mode enhances Prysm Visual Workplace by including anyone a team wishes to collaborate with, any time from any location. Guest Mode will be available this month.

In addition to Guest Mode, Prysm will demonstrate the full capabilities of Prysm Visual Workplace to show how unifying content and applications with cloud-based workspaces helps distributed teams brainstorm, create and solve problems in real time to accelerate the decisions that matter.

Here are the details.