New product release from dnp denmark


Supernova One 2.0
– the original ALR screen in new streamlined design

The new slim-frame version of the award-winning dnp Supernova One is equally well suited for meeting room applications and portrait digital displays in retail environments.

Like Mercedes sets the standards in F1 racing, dnp denmark has been leading the pack in Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screens since the introduction of the original Supernova One in 2005.

The original ALR screen gains new traction

Supernova One 2.0 incorporates true ALR optical technology that combats ambient light and enhances contrast and image quality. The new version comes with a 20mm or 30mm frame (in flock-version) that is up to 66% narrower than the original screen. For a safer installation the dnp Supernova One got a new Fire-Retardant alu-panel that makes the rigid screen compliant with the ASTM E 84 CLASS B fire rating. Moreover, the new frame is well suited for portrait digital signage applications in retail environments, airports and museums.

Narrow frames are trendy

“The trend goes towards displays with narrow frames, or completely frameless screens like the dnp Supernova Blade. The benefit of the narrow 30mm frame (including 10mm flock) is that it can increase the perception of contrast in the image. Moreover, the masking frame makes it easier and less time-consuming to adjust the projector”, says Senior Product Manager, Johnny Jensen.

Supernova One 2.0 is available with SN 23-23 or ISF certified SN 08-85 screen materials in five standard sizes: 100” and 110” in 16:10; 100”, 110” and 120” in 16:9. It comes with two standard frame options: Silver Alu (30mm including 10mm masking frame) and Black Sand (20mm, no masking frame).

Option for portrait digital signage

Supernova One 2.0 is ideal for digital signage in portrait mode. If you plan to install the screen vertically, please specify this at time of ordering to secure correct placement of the logo on the frame. Custom sizes and frame options are available on request. The screen is supplied pre- assembled from the factory, ready to install, and ships today.