New PrimeView Fusion Max Aims at Using LEDs to Replace Projectors with Purpose-Built Sized Displays

Primeview claims to be creating a new category in the display market with its Fusion MAX Display (FSNM) Solutions of stand-alone displays aimed at replacing projectors in a room. Primeview’s new line are a series of 1920×1080, bezel-free LEDs available in 110″, 138″, 165″ or 220″ sizes. They are aimed at auditoriums, theaters, rental, classrooms and ProAV meeting rooms.

The building block of the Fusion Max Series of turn-key LED solutions are the Fusion Line of new LED. This is comprised of front-serviceable fan-less cabinets from 1.2 millimeters, 1.5 mm, 1.9 mm and 2.5 mm LEDs. All Fusion LEDs comes standard with 3-in-1 integrated board design (power, receiving card and bridge-board), 100k hours rating, 160/160 wide viewing angles, pedestal or wall mountable framing accessories, optional multi-touch (coming soon). In early Q1 2019, Primeview says it will be releasing UHD 4K versions of Fusion MAX.

Here are all the tech specs.