New Powerhouse Amplifier range from Cloud Electronics

Q3, 2018 Cloud Electronics, UK announces its new range of energy efficient, class-leading amplifiers with the introduction of its new CV-Series digital multi-channel digital 70/100V amplifiers. There are three models in the new CV-Series including two, four and eight-channel variants. The first model to launch is the new CV8125 eight channel digital amplifier, offering up to one hundred and twenty-five watts output per channel at 70 / 100V.

The new CV-Digital amplifier series from Cloud is designed and assembled in Sheffield, UK and embraces more than thirty years of knowledge in producing audio products for commercial use with much emphasis placed on class-leading design and industrial build quality.

Cloud’s new amplifiers are hand-assembled in Sheffield by a team of established audio engineers with a reputation for delivering products with undisputed reliability, rock-solid performance and industrial durability.

Cloud adopt a 100% testing policy for the new CV-Series amplifiers which means every single amplifier is subject to rigorous electronic and audio/sound tests, by electronics and sound engineers, before being packed for distribution..

For use in sound reinforcement applications in retail, leisure, hospitality, commercial and industrial sectors the new CV-Digital amplifier series is designed to drive 70 / 100V loudspeaker systems directly.

All models in Cloud’s new CV-Digital series offer a total power output capability of one kilowatt, this maximum rating power-shared equally between  channels.

This flexible output allows a single multi-channel amplifier to drive loudspeaker systems, differing in load size in different areas of a building or venue, whilst optimising overall power output capability.

Particular attention has been paid to the new CV-Digital series amplifiers energy efficiency* to meet Energy Star compliancy ratings. Automatic Power Down (APD) is triggered if an input signal is not detected for thirty minutes, reducing power consumption to just 2.5 watts.

A remote standby/wake function triggered by an external contact closure, enables the amplifiers to be placed in standby mode and subsequently powered up again, saving energy.

“It is important to understand the new CV-Digital series represents key technological advances for Cloud”, explains Jon Spyve, Head or Research and Development for Cloud Electronics in Sheffield, UK.

A full suite of user configurable DSP functionality is on-board the CV-Digital series which includes input routing, input level, input limiting, 7-band Room EQ, hi-pass filtering, up to 1.5 s of delay and 5-band speaker optimisation EQ.

Two Auxiliary outputs on the new CV-Series offer full on-board DSP functionality for both auxiliary outputs.

Whilst these new CV-Digital series amplifiers from Cloud offer plenty of stand-out features, a key element of design is that they emulate earlier Cloud amplifier models, with “out-of-the-box” functionality and performance. This means there is no need to connect a computer or remove the lid to access internal jumpers to set primary configuration parameters including input routing, which are set via rear panel DIP switches.