New, Patented Invention Enables Angle Viewing of Flat Screen TV

New York, N.Y. – August 2, 2016 – The image a person sees on a flat-screen television or computer monitor is best if that person is sitting directly in front of the screen. Being able to mount a television screen – especially a large, flat-screen TV – so that everyone in the room has an optimal view is either very difficult or just not an option, especially in apartments and smaller houses. With 3D and 4D screens, the viewer must be directly in front of the screen to enjoy the dynamic picture quality. Until now, the only option was to mount the TV screen on a bracket that would put it at the optimal angle for viewing.

A new, patented technology solves this problem by using software to adjust the angle of the image on the screen to where the viewer or viewers are sitting. And the adjustment is made totally through software, so no hardware modifications need to be made! The invention is covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,854,553 for “Video Display Correction to Provide On-Axis View at an Off-Axis Angle.” The software distorts the shape of the image on the screen so that a person sitting to the left or right sees an image that is not distorted!

“The acquirer of this patent will have a technology that will leapfrog all of its competitors,” claims Alec Schibanoff, Vice President of IPOfferings LLC, the patent brokerage firm that represents the patent. “In the intensely competitive flat screen segment, this intellectual property is an opportunity for one manufacturer to offer a benefit that none of its competitors can match,” he adds.

A Patent Brokerage Prospectus for U.S. Patent No. 8,854,553 is available by contacting IPOfferings at or 845-377-6911.