New Paradigm Monitor Series v.6

Paradigm announced an upgrade to the company’s Monitor Series. Improvements over the v.5 are modified phase-coherent crossovers, redesigned magnetic grilles and a new finish.

The company says they did a complete re-design of the Monitor v.6 grilles. The new magnetic grilles feature ultra-low diffraction with re-worked, reinforced placement of the magnets to ensure the grilles will stay centered over the baffle and not move unless removed.

For aesthetics, Paradigm added nickel-plated screws to all bookshelf, floorstanding and center-channel speakers to provide a high-tech touch. The v.6 models are also available in a chic new Wengé (pronounced wen-gay) finish. When black, rosenut or cherry don’t match a room’s décor, customers now have the option of wengé, a dark brown, almost black, finish with fine pencil-thin, light tan lines interspersed with blackish brown stripes.

Products range from $149 to $699.