New Panamorph Lens Supports 2.40:1 Aspect Ratio

Panamorph 0110

Yesterday, Panamorph announced the FVX200 lePanamorph-0110ns system for projecting at 2.40:1 aspect ratio thus eliminating the black “letterbox” bars seen on 16:9 displays.  There’s no question that doing this is an improvement as at 16:9, 25 percent of the screen is used to project the black bars – throwing away image light (assuming image uniformity isn’t perfect).

But, what’s unique about this that they are custom-matching/modifying the lens to the brand and model projector.  For example, the FVX200J is specifically designed for JVC’s LCoS projectors – and Panamorph plans to add every model and branded high-end home cinema projector (as they get calls from integrators to add a specific model to sell and install).

Panamorph products are available only through the CEDIA channel of dealers and if you’re interested in getting a custom version of the FVX200 for an install you have or you are interesting in becoming a dealer, contact them at