New Loxone Low Voltage LED Light Fixtures Released for U.S.-Based CIs

Loxone’s smart LED lighting solution is expanding: LED Spots, Ceiling Lights and Pendulum Slims are now available to the U.S. market. The lighting trio works together, along with other Loxone smart home products, to transform any room with customizable lighting moods, tunable white lighting effect, true automation and minimal user interaction. Each fixture helps reduce energy costs and lasts up to 25 years.

The newest addition to the trio, the LED Spots RGBW Tree provide directional, warm white light and diffused colored light. At only 1.6” deep with a built-in dimmer, IC rating and Loxone’s four-wire Tree technology, wiring and installation is frictionless — integrators don’t need housing or additional drivers.

Also recently released, the LED Ceiling Light fills the room with optimal lighting and has all-around functionality, featuring both built-in motion and brightness sensors. Beyond lighting, it plays a role in home security as a burglar alarm. With sophisticated design, the LED Pendulum Slims are best used for accent lighting. They can add a touch of style while creating a desired atmosphere.

When these smart lighting products are combined, the highest functionality is achieved to create ambient, task or accent lighting. Integrators are capable of providing this low voltage lighting solution including: IC rating, Title 24 JA8 compliance, affordable price point (starting under $100 for partners) and range of interfaces. Flexible Tree wiring allows independent control and the possibility to integrate other fixtures on the market. Then, the Loxone Miniserver ensures effortless, reliable communication between all smart home products for a complete solution — lighting, HVAC, security, multimedia and more.

Here you go.