New KRONOS Optikos3G ST IP Makes SDI and SMPTE 2110 Interchangeable


Bluefish444 launched KRONOS Optikos3G ST IP, a hybrid SMPTE 2110/2022 and SDI, PCIe video interface card with Interchangeable SFP+ interfaces.

The company says KRONOS Optikos3G ST IP integrates into PCIe-enabled workstation computers and servers to capture and play out both SDI and SMPTE 2110/SMPTE 2022 uncompressed video-over-IP using Bluefish developed applications, and 3rd party applications supported by the Bluefish Software Development Kit.

Featuring three (3) interchangeable SFP+ interfaces populated with Embrionix 10GbE Dual SMPTE 2110/2022 SFP+ modules, Bluefish says the Optikos3G ST IP supports six streams of 1080p50/59/60 uncompressed video over the three 10GbE multimode fiber connections. In addition, there are two Bi-directional HDBNC provided for 3G SDI video capture and/or play out allowing for integrations into hybrid SDI and SMPTE IP uncompressed environments.

Bluefish says a unique feature of Optikos3G ST IP is the flexibility of the SFP+ Interfaces to be optionally populated with alternative SFP+ modules supporting video interfaces other than SMPTE 2110/2022. The Interchangeable SFP+ interfaces allow the SMPTE 2110 2022 SFP+ modules to be removed and replaced with alternative SFP+ modules supporting different video interface standards at any time. Alternative SFP+ modules for “hot swap” include SDI over Coaxial, SDI over Fiber for extended distances and HDMI.

KRONOS Optikos3G ST IP features:

    • 6 x streams of ST2110-20/30/40
    • 6 x streams of ST2022–6/-7
    • 3 x 10Gb Ethernet via Multimode Fiber (LC)
    • Clean Switch and Frame Sync Options for ST2110
  • 3 x Interchangeable SFP+ Interfaces
    • Optionally change SFP+ modules to SDI over Coax
    • Optionally change SFP+ modules to SDI over Fiber
    • Optionally change SFP+ modules to HDMI
  • 2 x Dedicated Bi-Directional HDBNC for 3G SDI
  • 2 x Dedicated HDBNC for Reference In and SPG Out
  • 1 x High quality 3G Bypass Relay
  • 4 x Low Latency Hardware Keyers