New Kramer Twisted Pair Distribution Amplifier Transmits One Video Signal Over 10 Outputs

Kramer introduced the TP-210 distribution amplifier for computer graphics video signals over twisted pair outputs. The TP-210 will accept computer graphics video signals with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher. It takes one input and provides 10 identical RJ-45 twisted pair outputs, as well as 2 computer graphics video outputs on 15-pin HD connectors for local monitoring.

The TP-210 includes H and V Sync polarity switches for changing the polarity of the signal for improved HDTV signal compatibility. It is particularly suited for the long distance distribution of computer graphics video signals in presentation and multimedia applications and where existing CAT5 cabling can be used.

The TP-210 includes the Kramer Power Connect system that allows the device to power any receivers that are connected to the unit through the same CAT5 cable that carries the signal. Over standard gauge CAT5 UTP cable, the Power Connect system will work up to approximately 150 ft. (50 meters).

The TP-210 is shipping now.