New Haivision Media Gateway Is for Live Video Contribution, Monitoring and Distribution over the Internet

haivision-gateway-0215Enterprises, broadcasters and houses of worship now have a low cost way to bridge remote video infrastructures. Launched at ISE 2015, the Haivision Media Gateway is a video streaming solution that gathers and distributes video streams to and from multiple locations, giving organizations a cost-effective alternative to satellite or MPLS networks for live video transport.

Powered by Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology, the Haivision Media Gateway allows organizations to aggregate and replicate live, HD streams concurrently to and from remote locations, over any network. SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks by ensuring packet loss recovery, stream security, and network health monitoring. With the Haivision Media Gateway, users can:

  • Convert streams to and from SRT and standard MPEG Transport Stream (TS), TS for video distribution within a LAN and SRT for transport over WAN.
  • Aggregate streams from multiple facilities to one central location for live backhaul and broadcast monitoring.
  • Replicate a live stream from a central location and distribute it to multiple facilities over public and private networks.

The Haivision Media Gateway allows broadcasters to harvest live video content from multiple remote production venues, aggregating SRT streams and re-distributing the streams as TS within a central production venue.

Here are all the tech details.