New FUSION Series Carts Combine Sleek Aesthetics and User-Friendly Features

chief LPAUS shelf CPU 1012

chief-LPAUS_shelf_CPU-1012Chief is now shipping its new FUSION Series carts in North America. The design updates include flexible cable covers to allow access at any point along the column while concealing cables for a clean installation. A turn knob lets a single user smoothly raise and lower the screen to any height between 50 and 70 inches (127-177 centimeters).

The new carts and stands also feature:

  • +5/-5 degrees of tilt and effortless display adjustment
  • User-friendly interface, optimal for screen sizes up to 60 inches and 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • Black or silver finish
  • Smooth rolling and lockable castors for effortless positioning

Chief engineers created wider columns with rounded edges to make the carts easy to hold during the moving process, and the angled base makes corner positioning a snap.

Here are all the details.