New FIBBR Cable Sends 4K Uncompressed 165 Feet

At CEDIA, FIBBR will debut its new Crystal fiber optic active HDMI cable featuring a transparent jacket. Crystal’s design combines Data Display Channel (DDC) and Hot Plug Detection (HPD) signals in a single copper wire, using FIBBR’s TransFuture technology, two micro-controller units manage the signals for EDID and HDCP2.2 operation. The system includes a firmware update option to remedy compatibility issues.

Like all HDMI models from FIBBR, Crystal features FIBBR’s BendRobust technology that allows the fiber to be bent 180-degrees for easier management. They claim that Crystal can reliably carrying uncompressed, native 4K content at 18Gbps up to 165ft (50m) without loss or interference and uses power direct from AC coupling, eliminating the need for external power on the receiving end.

FIBBR Crystal cables are single-directional and the connectors are labeled Source and Display ends with an LED on the source connector to confirm proper connection. The FIBBR Crystal cables (4K@60Hz 4:4:4) will be available September 2018. Here are all the specs.