New elektraLite 200-watt COB Paint Can Fixture Debuts

elektraLite just launched a new Paint Can COB fixture that’s available in regular and pendant body styles, as well as Warm White (WW) and RGBW formats for a total of four model variants. Basically, it’s a new spot/wash hybrid utilizing a 200-watt Japanese COB LED with a CRI of 95. The fixture also boasts a zoom lens ranging from 10 degrees — the same as a very narrow PAR64 — through to a wide 60 degrees, and the Paint Can’s electronic zoom maintains perfect beam shape throughout the entire transition, according to elektraLite.

This seamlessness also applies to color mixing for the RGBW models during transitions through the full range of zoom; there are no hot spots and zero chromatic aberrations. With smooth dimming and no LED pop or bump at the beginning or end of the dimmer curve, the Paint Can RGBW models utilize a choice of colors that were carefully chosen to achieve both pure primary colors and vibrant pastels. Furthermore, the white allows what elektraLite says is perfect rendering at a balanced 3200K color temperature.

The Paint Can has several profile choices for controlling its features, including a simple-to-use onboard control interface that allows for easy control by either DMX or console-free static operation. And sophisticated firmware allows the installer to chose features like EFO (emergency full output) when the DMX output is shut down.

Operational voltage ranges from 100 to 240 volts with a variable refresh rate for the PWM. All Paint Can variants come with both three- and five-pin DMX (both in and thru), and power is via the industry standard Powercon input and output with an on/off switch. A single yoke, color frame, barn doors and safety eyebolt are all also included.

Now shipping, elektraLite’s new Paint Can fixtures feature the following US prices:

  • Paint Can COB Warm White: $699.99
  • Paint Can COB Pendant Warm White: $699.99
  • Paint Can COB RGBW: $799.99
  • Paint Can COB Pendant RGBW: $799.99

Here are the detailed specs.