New DTEN Me Is a Personal Collaboration Device Built Exclusively for Zoom


DTEN ME is a new work-from-home (WFH) video collaboration device developed exclusively for Zoom. The $599 DTEN ME is a 27-inch display integrated as a personal Zoom Room of sorts. This is precisely the sort of personal collaboration device that rAVe’s Gary Kayye predicted in his post-COVID-19 feature back in April.

Features of the DTEN ME include:

  • Business-grade videoconferencing. The 27-inch responsive display is equipped with three wide-angle cameras and an eight-microphone array, to ensure high-resolution video and clear audio.
  • Wireless content sharing. With a single tap, DTEN ME allows the sharing of documents, presentations, videos and online content.
  • Interactive whiteboarding and annotating. The multitouch display enables users to highlight content, do real-time markups, write key points and sketch ideas.
  • Phone calling and more. DTEN ME may also be used as a phone; it also serves as a second desktop monitor.

Preorders for DTEN ME are now being accepted.