New DL.2 Collage Generator Now Available

High End Systems announced the new Collage Generator for DL.2. The DL.2 is a unit that combines a media server loaded with digital content with a high output 3-chip light engine, a highly sensitive HAD sensor camera, and an infrared illumination system. The company says the DL.2 mounts like any other intelligent moving luminaire, and is controlled with plug-and-play operation using standard DMX cabling and protocols. There is no need for RGB cabling, and racks of servers are no longer necessary at front-of-house or backstage area, says the company.

A Content Management Application running on a MAC or PC gives users remote control of uploading and crossloading content, upgrading software and fixture configuration for multiple DL.2 fixtures on a fixture network.
The new Collage Generator lets multiple DL.2 units create seamless vertical, horizontal or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console.

Users can create a horizontal, vertical or central panorama using a selectable array of fixtures, and manipulate it as if it were a single fixture. As an example, the user could link 4 DL.2s to create one Central Panorama that offers a screen luminance of 20K lumens. With the call of the next cue, the user could change that configuration using the same DL.2s. The user doesn’t need to balance projector white balances or align pixels to pixels. Most panoramas can be set up during preproduction in under 25 minutes, according to the company.

For more information, visit here.