New Digital Signage Player with GPS Trigger from Avenview called AVSignPro

The AVSignPro, a line of digital signage players consisting of three models available from Avenview, have a new feature allowing a location based GPS Trigger for content playback (basically a GPS Location Trigger feature) which allows specific content to be played based on the GPS location of the device.

Traditionally, digital signage content is played on a schedule or on a set loop — automatically playing content based on a schedule that begins or ends at specific times of day or simply on a repeating loop. GPS triggering now allows an additional component for enhancing the relevance of your digital signage content by allowing real time location based triggering of specific content.

Users can create specific playlists and parameters for playback, including thresholds for distances from certain locations. The GPS triggering feature is ideal for mobile advertising, tourism, the transportation industry or any other mobile or multi location industry. Advertising can be displayed that is related to local businesses, local weather information can be displayed, or public transit locations can be announced.

Here are the details.