New Crestron WiFi Touchpanel Adds Biometrics, Bluetooth

Crestron introduced the Isys i/O TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel, which has an embedded Windows XP Operating System with 802.11g wireless. The TPMC-8X has more than 1.5 GB of memory  a nice amount for a compact unit such as this  and it has an 8.4-inch SVGA screen, capable of 3D graphics and streaming video. It also has built-in Bluetooth, a biometric scanner, stereo speaker system and microphone.

The embedded PC platform allows pretty much everything a PC would, such as Web access via Internet Explorer, streaming media using Windows Media Player 10, email, and full PC applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat. And, because it’s a control product, users can control AV distribution, lighting, climate control and security.

Other uses include onboard NetMeeting and Skype for conferencing and voice-over-IP directly from the touchpanel. The Bluetooth lets users operate wireless devices such as a mouse and keyboard, and a USB 2.0 port is provided as well.

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