New Crestron TSR-310 Remote Is Better than Anything Control4, URC or Savant Have Ever Released

Crestron used a Crestron Performance UI (user experience) design release to debut its new TSR-310 handheld touch screen remote — aimed at the HomeAV market. It integrates natively within the Crestron Home operating system (Crestron Pyng OS 2) and, literally, blows away anything Savant, Control4 or URC have ever released. Integrators will appreciate how the Crestron Performance UI reduces deployment time and they can already download the latest Crestron Pyng OS 2 update now to see how the TSR-310 UI instantly updates to the Crestron Performance UI.

New features include the integration of AV control with lighting, shades and climate control and there are plenty of options to integrate macros. This is likely the vision that everyone originally had for the Crestron Pyng back 5-years ago when it was originally released but was not widely adopted — until now, with this TSR-310, nearly all HomeAV integrators will use Pyng. The UI is pre-built, so no design tools are necessary and a voice command interface is built-in.

We had a chance to play with this at ISE and, hands-down, it’s better than any so-called “simple” or hand-held remote that Savant, URC or Control4 have ever released – those three companies will have to start over on their UI. The Crestron Performance UI is supported in Crestron Pyng OS 2 via a simple OS update.

Here are all the tech specs.