New Crestron DIN-RAIL Climate Controls Debut

Crestron is now shipping its new DIN-THSTAT DIN Rail Mountable thermostat.

Used with Crestron CHV-RTS, CHV-RTHS or CHV-RSS temperature sensors, the DIN-THSTAT provides three-stage heating and cooling, support for three independent remote sensor inputs, a full color LCD display for easy setup and diagnostics and flexible Cresnet communications. The DIN-THSTAT can be installed in an equipment cabinet or on a wall. The cabinet can be flush or surface mounted. It’s supported in Crestron Pyng, D3 Pro and SIMPL software, making it easy to retrieve and upload full configurations. A Crestron control system connection allows temperature adjustments from virtually anywhere, using a Crestron touch screen, handheld remote or mobile app.

The Professional Installation Cabinets will be available in three sizes and can contain up to 10 thermostats. Controls are exposed for easy access. The provided service rail can be used for power supplies, Ethernet to Cresnet connectivity bridges and Cresnet wiring. The specs are here.