New Crestron App and Cloud-based Enterprise Management Enable Organizations to Optimize Key Assets and Maximize Productivity

2070Las Vegas, NV – June 8, 2016 – At InfoComm16, Crestron is demonstrating two solutions that, together, address the problems and costs related to unproductive meetings and unused, underused, and misused meeting spaces. Crestron Fusion® Cloud, the enterprise management service hosted by Crestron, in combination with the new Crestron PinPoint™ personal productivity app, clears a path for employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently, and enables organizations to optimize their most valuable assets: people, spaces, and technology. Crestron is demonstrating the combined solution at booth C7008 at InfoComm16.

Tackling the plague of unproductive meetings and wasted resources

Unproductive meetings have been estimated to cost U.S. organizations $37 billion annually. Problems with reserving and using the meeting rooms, as well as the average 10-minute delay at the start of meetings are big contributors. With hundreds or even thousands of meetings held in a typical day in a large organization, and with employees spending up to 85 percent of their time in them, any obstacles with scheduling, AV equipment, and setup can all impede their success. Inappropriate use of meeting spaces further impedes organizational productivity and wastes resources.

Technology that works the way you work

Together, Crestron Fusion Cloud and the Crestron PinPoint app empower employees with the tools and environment they need to be successful. Crestron PinPoint is the first personal, mobile, dynamic productivity tool that lets employees take control of every aspect of their meetings, including scheduling, setup, execution, and completion. The app communicates with PinPoint Proximity Detection Beacons in each space throughout the organization – even open lounges and huddle spaces can be located and reserved. With an awareness of an employee’s location, the app identifies nearby rooms and spaces with the right technology to meet their needs.

Once they’re in a meeting space, the app ensures a personalized, automated meeting experience. Meeting participants can seamlessly share content from their smartphones or tablets. There’s no need for typing in IP addresses, manually dialing, or fumbling around trying to connect different devices to display a presentation.

“Bad meetings can not only crush employee productivity, but can also leave attendees with a lingering sense of agitation and dissatisfaction that affects them for several more hours,” said Nic Milani, Executive Director, Cloud Solutions at Crestron. “Our solutions help them focus on their work, instead of trying to get things to work.”

Make data-driven decisions through global device management

Crestron Fusion Cloud provides real-time visibility into organizations’ meeting spaces and building technology around the globe, down to the individual room and device levels. They can easily monitor all sites from a centralized location without the need for additional IT infrastructure. In addition to improving meetings, organizations can use Crestron Fusion Cloud to save energy, provide help-desk support, and broadcast emergency messages to any Crestron connected display.

“Part of the beauty of this system is that in ‘The Internet of Things,’ we sit in-between the scheduling system, the technology, the AV, the video conferencing and the building management system,” said Milani. “We take all of that data and put it into a single database, which organizations can then use to extract information for better decision-making now and in the future.”

Crestron PinPoint is only available to organizations that have Crestron Fusion Cloud or the on-premises version of this enterprise management software, which is already in use by leading enterprises.

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Crestron is demonstrating the Crestron PinPoint personal productivity app and Crestron Fusion Cloud at booth C7008 at InfoComm16.