New Behringer Loudspeakers Include Integrated Wireless Mic Receiver and MP3 Player

behringer-B115MP3_P0AEA_Right_XL-1012Behringer is now shipping its EUROLIVE B115D and B115MP3 active two-way loudspeakers, which feature an integrated, dual-channel mixer with two-band EQ, built-in sound processor and 1,000 Watts of Class-D bi-amplification. Fast and easy to setup, the unique enclosure design allows the loudspeakers to be pole-mounted, stacked or placed horizontally for floor monitor wedge applications. A dedicated USB-style 3.0 input provides seamless integration with Behringer’s new upcoming ULTRALINK Series wireless microphones.

B115D and B115MP3 both include a 15″ long-excursion LF driver and a 1.35″ aluminum-diaphragm compression driver. The B115MP3 includes an embedded MP3 player, featuring an eight-button user interface and LCD panel that allows the user to browse tracks and select shuffle, repeat or single-play modes. Both models include an integrated Behringer-compatible wireless mic receiver. They are covered by Behringer’s three-year warranty and weigh only 38.9 pounds (17.7 kilograms) each.

Here are all the specs.