New Barco-Commissioned Study Finds NOC and SOC Operators May Be Stuck On Premises Due to Old Tech

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Remote working. It has rapidly found its way into the business routine of many. Especially since the COVID-pandemic and the 2020-2021 lockdowns, remote working has become a given in many sectors. So, what about control rooms? Are professionals there allowed to log in from home, or are they expected on-site during working hours? That was one of the things we investigated in our Global Control Room Report, a large survey in which we asked over 1000 control room professionals worldwide about their needs, aspirations and working conditions.

The study kicks it off with a remarkable number: 1 out of 4 control room professionals regularly works from home. That is a significantly lower percentage than in other sectors (where 68% of people work remotely part-time). And still, there is a big difference between the job functions: it’s mostly the IT-managers and C-level staff that can do this. Operators and control room managers are still a lot more ‘locked’ to working on-site in their control room.


When asked if they would like to work remotely, no less than one out of two confirms — and even says that their work can be done remotely without a problem. Noteworthy here is that especially control room managers have doubts about the feasibility of remote working in their job roles. With only 40% of positive answers to this question. Operators (49%) on the other hand feel more confident about remote working.

Though clearly gaining ground and being overall very high on the wishing list, remote working is not yet really obvious it seems. An average of 34% want to work remotely — but can’t. Reconfirming above, control room managers are the ones that experience most difficulties when trying to work from home.

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