Listen Tech and Ampetronic Debut New AURI Assistive Listening System

ISE 2024 Story Images (30)Listen Technologies and Ampetronic just debuted AURI as the first installed assistive listening system utilizing Auracast broadcast audio technology shipping later this year. The companies say Auracast is a new standard for Bluetooth Low Energy audio. It can broadcast audio simultaneously to an unlimited number of Auracast-compatible devices, including receivers, hearing aids, earbuds and smartphones. Auracast is part of the new Bluetooth Low Energy audio specifications. According to the companies, this is the first time Bluetooth has supported broadcast audio, which unlocks a variety of new use cases, including wide-area assistive listening.

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are active members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) working to make Auracast broadcast audio technology as reliable and widespread as possible.

AURI features and benefits, according to Listen Technologies and Ampetronic:

  • Provides high-quality multi-channel broadcast.
  • Supports open or secure audio transmission.
  • Features Auracast-compatible dedicated receivers venues can provide guests with to use if they do not have Auracast-compatible devices.
  • Offer multi-language support.
  • Help venues meet global accessibility compliance requirements.