New App from Philips Professional Display Solutions Helps Ease Germ Concerns on Hotel TV Remotes

philips guestconnect app

A new app from tech firm Philips Professional Display Solutions has been launched to help hotels worldwide reopen safely and prevent the spread of potentially harmful viruses — such as COVID-19.

Compatible with selected Philips PDS MediaSuite Hospitality pro TVs, including the 5014 and 6014 Google-certified models, the health and hygiene inspired GuestConnect app allows guests to control their in-room TV using their mobile phone, replacing the traditionally hard-to-clean remote with a digital replica — without the need to join the hotel’s network.

According to many studies, the TV remote is often found to be the most contaminated item found in a hotel room – containing up to 2,000 percent more bacteria and yeast than a toilet seat, due to regular use from hundreds if not thousands of different people.

It is typically recommended TV remotes used at home should be cleaned at least once a month. New government advice for hotel housekeeping recommends a heightened focus on the daily cleaning of all hand-contact surfaces in rooms, including, but not limited to, light switches, bedside tables and remote controls — with latest research from the World Health Organisation (WHO) showing COVID-19 can survive for four days on plastic surfaces.

The GuestConnect app can be added to a personal connected device, without visiting the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, by scanning a unique QR code unique only for that guest’s hotel room TV. QR codes are generated and displayed at reception and can be provided during check-in to the hotel or, alternatively, displayed for the customer to scan and download when they first switch on their in-room TV.

Once installed, the GuestConnect app, which can be fully managed using the Philips PDS CMND platform, provides guests with the full suite of functionalities found on a modern TV remote control. In addition to standard functions (channel changing, volume, etc.), guests will also have full access and control of other MediaSuite services, including Chromecast built-in, premium content and apps from the Google Play Store.