Neutrik to Show XIRIUM PRO Wireless Cable Replacement System

Neutrik USA announces several important new features for its XIRIUM PRO Wireless Cable Replacement System. Expanding upon the full bandwidth, compression-free, low latency, FCC license-free attributes that have already made XIRIUM PRO a favorite among live sound professionals, the new features add greater functionality and security while increasing the system’s versatility.

Foremost among XIRIUM PRO’s new features is the Xirium App Version 3.0. This latest version of the control software offers an Advanced Mode that provides additional control and settings options. Also included in the Version 3 software is a new Temperature Monitor that displays the temperature—Low, Good, High—of the base stations utilized in a XIRIUM PRO system. Equally important, the new Version 3 software incorporates considerably expanded operation and help documentation—enabling users to get up and running faster.

XIRIUM PRO’s antenna options have also been upgraded. There are now two directional antenna options for use exclusively with XIRIUM PRO receivers. Secondly, the upgraded package also has provisions for a variety of remote mount antenna options.

Central to XIRIUM PRO’s robust performance attributes is what Neutrik calls DiWA (Digital Wireless Audio). Developed by Neutrik, DiWA technology provides compression-free, FCC license-free, wireless transmission of audio within the 5 GHz band. Among the new Xirium features is an App activated RF attenuator. The new, advanced RF attenuator enables the system receivers to ‘see’ the DiWA signal in high-powered RF environments and, in the process, all but eliminates minimum distance requirements.

XIRIUM PRO’s security provisions have also been upgraded. Now, the system provides users the ability to hide/unhide the SSID (Service Set Identifier) of individual base stations. This new capability removes visibility of XIRIUM PRO devices on a Wi-Fi network, eliminating unauthorized access. Neutrik’s XIRIUM PRO Wireless Digital Audio System is available now and here are the details.