Neutrik Has EN/IEC 60799 Standard Cables; Use Them!

Neutrik Has ENIEC 60799 Standard Cables; Use Them!

Under the latest legally binding international safety regulations, power connection and interconnection cord sets, for use with and within the full range of professional AV and IT devices and applications, require to be certified to the EN/IEC 60799 standard. Neutrik’s new preassembled, fully certified cord sets series provide a ready-made solution across a range of price points and performance requirements, with all the quality and reliability assurance that comes with the Neutrik brand.

All cord set series feature designs that prioritize unsurpassed standards of quality, reliability, and safety, utilizing Neutrik’s market leading, fully IEC 60320-1 certified cable connectors, and are produced in Europe at the company’s state-of-the-art, cost-efficient dedicated production site. The essential POWER CORDS series provides a range of high quality, high reliability and cost-efficient rewirable cable assemblies. These cord sets feature Neutrik powerCON® FXX series blue / grey connectors paired with durable high-quality rubber jacketed cable.

Ultimate POWER CORDS series cable assemblies are VDE-certified to the highest recognized industry standards of safety and qualitative compliance. Top-of-the-range Neutrik powerCON® TRUE1® TOP connectors, over-molded with high-quality H07RN-F TITANEX® rubber cable, provide enhanced levels of durability and protection for the most demanding application environments. powerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors features CBC and a unique fully insulated locking mechanism with a non-metallic compound latch and protection collar. Improved anti-kink protection provided by the cord sets’ overmould guarantees up to 20,000 bending cycles.