Neutrik Expands opticalCON LITE Product Line

Neutrik-opticalconlite-0915Neutrik USA has announced it has the expansion of its opticalCON LITE product line. Adding opticalCON LITE QUAD and MTP, opticalCON LITE now offers the same two-fiber (DUO), four-fiber (QUAD), and 12-fiber (MTP) channel counts as Neutrik’s opticalCON ADVANCED product line. The additions of the new Lite QUAD and Lite MTP products give broadcasters even greater choice for permanent and semi-permanent installations.

With opticalCON LITE QUAD and MTP, Neutrik now offers a cost effective, rugged fiber optical cable assembly that they say paves the way for greater deployment of ultra-high definition (UHD) formats such as 4K or even 8K signals. Of particular note, Neutrik opticalCON is currently in the process of gaining SMPTE certification to the new ST 2091 standards.

Neutrik’s new opticalCON LITE QUAD and MTP, are cost effective cable assemblies with a lightweight design, durable plastic housing, and locking, IP65-rated mating to opticalCON ADVANCED chassis connectors. These features make opticalCON LITE ideal for patch applications, permanent, and semi-permanent installations. All opticalCON LITE products are constructed with a new fiber cable design that is highly flexible — providing a compact design and extreme flexibility that far exceed the mechanical strength of conventional patch cables.

Here are all the details.