Neutrik Announces New XX Series powerCON and speakON Cable Connectors

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Neutrik Americas, part of the Neutrik Group, the world’s leading provider of professional AVL connectivity solutions, announces a dramatic advance to its powerCON and speakON product lines. New XX series powerCON blue/grey and speakON 2- and 4-pole cable connectors feature new functionality, easier assembly, improved power handling capabilities, new certifications to all relevant modern safety standards, and a beautiful next-generation design language.

Both the powerCON and speakON XX series connectors are immediately recognizable from their striking new designs featuring a unique, two-compound molded housing. Attractive color coding on both the housing and the bushing is clearly visible. The housing offers improved ergonomics with slip- proof material. Internally, the connectors feature improved assembly: the strain relief locks with the insert mechanically and aligns with the housing. New two-component rear bushings offer improved kink protection to the associated cable.

Significant internal upgrades ensure conformance to current safety regulations. powerCON XX series connectors carry IEC EN 60320-1 / UL 60320-1 / CSA C22.2 No. 60320-1 certifications suitable to cord sets and devices certified to IEC 60799, UL817, and IEC / UL 62368-1. Unique to Neutrik, these new powerCON cable connectors are rated for circuit breaking capacity (CBC) when mated to powerCON XX series receptacles NAC3FXXA(B). This CBC capability is a breakthrough for powerCON blue/grey connectors which have never before carried this certification.

speakON XX series connectors are certified to IEC 61984, UL 1977, and CSA C22.2 No.182.3 with current rated to 37 A RMS. Additionally, new brown coloring on the connectors indicates 2-pole speakON; green coloring indicates 4-pole speakON.

Modern power connector safety standards require cable connectors to be certified in combination with particular cables. As a result, these new connectors are available in both -S variants for smaller cable (6-12 mm) and -L variants for larger cable (10-16 mm OD). Certified power cable combinations (SJOOW 16/3, SOOW 12/3, etc.) are shown on the Neutrik website for each new powerCON cable connector.

The entire range of new XX series connectors is:

powerCON blue/grey:
NAC3FXXA-W-S (power input, blue color, for cable OD 6-12 mm)
NAC3FXXA-W-L (power input, blue color, for cable OD 10-16 mm)
NAC3FXXB-W-S (power output, grey color, for cable OD 6-12 mm)
NAC3FXXB-W-L (power output, grey color, for cable OD 10-16 mm)

NL2FXX-W-S (2-pole, brown color, for cable OD 6-12 mm)
NL4FXX-W-S (4-pole, green color, for cable OD 6-12 mm)
NL4FXX-W-L (4-pole, green color, for cable OD 10-16 mm)

Fred Morgenstern, VP Technology of Neutrik Americas, stated, “This is an exciting, once-in-a- generation upgrade to these popular cable connectors. The inclusion of breaking capacity for the powerCON cable connectors in conjunction with Neutrik’s current chassis connectors is a major development. Until now, most users thought that it would be impossible to achieve, but the brilliant engineers at Neutrik’s headquarters in Liechtenstein figured it out.”

“The new connectors are both beautiful and a pleasure to assemble and use,” Morgenstern added. “They place Neutrik far ahead of the competition. I’m so proud to be associated to a company with such talented engineers and industrial designers. Our users will be thrilled to work with these new connectors over the coming months and years.”

The new Neutrik powerCON blue/grey and speakON 2- and 4-pole connectors are available for ordering now.