Neutrik Americas Announces etherCON ESD Series Chassis Connectors

ethercon a series neutrik

Neutrik Americas announced the etherCON ESD Series chassis connectors. Neutrik says the etherCON ESD Series improves the performance of the etherCON A Series by including asymmetric compound (non-metallic) push tabs.

The connectors’ ESD-protective, compound push tabs protect against damage to sensitive electronics from unwanted energy entering the connector through the latch, whether from a finger touch or other transmission. Furthermore, the asymmetric design saves space for labeling purposes. The push tab is non-reflective due to the black-colored compound material. This not only avoids shiny reflections on the stage but also perfectly matches the flange and housing for a unique and clean appearance. It should also be noted that all NEUTRIK etherCON A series products with the metal push tab will remain available.

The new NEUTRIK etherCON ESD series consists of 10 connectors, each configured for a variety of termination/usage applications. These include horizontal and vertical PCB mounting, punch-down, shielded and halo light ring versions along with versions that include integrated magnetics. All of the connectors fit into NEUTRIK’s standard A-size chassis cutouts.