Neutrik Americas Announces Availability of REAN Power Connectors

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Charlotte, NC – November 2022… Neutrik Americas, part of the Neutrik Group, the world’s leading
provider of professional AVL connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce the X and G series Power
Connectors from the company’s REAN subsidiary. Offering a complete package optimized for digital
signage and lighting applications, the new X and G Series products deliver the functionality and
reliability professionals demand.
With their rugged, IP65 rating protection for dependable performance in outdoor environments, the
REAN X Series Power Connectors offer CBC breaking capacity—enabling a technician to connect or
disconnect under load / live conditions. The X Series Power Connectors encompass four products, the
RRAC3F-X-000 lockable power outlet chassis connector, the RRAC3M-X-000 lockable power inlet
chassis connector, the RCAC3F-X-000 lockable female cable connector, and the RCAC3M-X-000
lockable male cable connector.
Completing the REAN X Series connectors are the RA-X-001 and RA-X-003 rubber sealing covers.
The RA-X-001 protects the Power X Series chassis connector RRAC3M-X-000 from dust and water
with IP65 compliance while the RA-X-003 does the same for the RRAC3F-X-000 connector.
Consisting of four products, the REAN G Series Power Connectors encompass receptacles and cable
connectors for inlet and outlet usage. The inlet connector and receptacle are identified by their blue
color while the outlet connector and receptacle are identified by their grey color. The RCAC3I-G is a 3
pole AC power inlet connector, and the RCAC3O-G is a 3 pole AC power outlet connector.
Completing the REAN G Series connectors are the RRAC3O-G 3 pole AC power outlet receptacle and
the RRAC3I-G pole AC power inlet receptacle. Both connectors are outfitted with a D-Size mounting
flange that can be mounted from either the front or the rear.

Fred Morgenstern, VP Technology of Neutrik Americas, commented on the REAN X and G Series
Power Connectors, “REAN’s new G and X series power connectors offer a compelling, drop-in
alternative to original NEUTRIK powerCON®. The Neutrik Group has poured its engineering,
manufacturing, and quality expertise into these products, resulting in a portfolio which is useful,
economical, and reliable. For cost-sensitive applications, these REAN powerCON-compatible products
provide both quality and peace of mind.”
The REAN X and G Series Power Connectors are available for ordering now. For additional
information, please contact Neutrik Americas at 704.972.3050.
About Neutrik Americas
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