Netipbox Technologies at Digital Signage Expo 2019

The largest and most international edition ever of Digital Signage Expo is being held in Las Vegas from 26 through 29 March. A key event for the digital signage industry across the globe, this year’s show features over 250 exhibitors including the Spanish company Netipbox Technologies, which will be showcasing its integral solutions for the whole American market at booth 1141 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Netipbox Technologies is a Barcelona-based company with commercial offices for the USA and Latin America in Miami.

Netipbox’s solutions for digital signage are deployed in over 15 countries around the world in industries such as healthcare, entertainment, hospitality and retail, with major clients like IKEA, Coca Cola European Partners, Filmax, AREAS, Domino’s Pizza, PwC, Daba Nespresso and Port Aventura, among others.

At its booth in Digital Signage Expo 2019, Netipbox Technologies is focusing on platform, the flagship for its smart digital signage solutions. enables clients to set up all kinds of communication channels, ranging from menu boards for sales outlets to information points for the hospitality sector, as well as decorative options for AV projects or corporate channels for specific business environments.

Netipbox Technologies claims that has unique functionality that allows it to reduce the costs of AV projects by up to 40 percent thanks to its built-in Syncro WOW software, which is able to create synchronized effects across various screens, whether these be different or not, adding contents and surplus value to any existing digital signage installation. enables total control over screens connected in network with a user interface in 10 languages, offering powerful features such as a marketplace to access image banks, a survey launcher in points of sale, wayfinding implementation and more.

The core hardware in is the Nbox Android-based player developed in conjunction with MINIX, a company from Hong Kong specialized in this kind of hardware device. Nbox is a plug-and-play player that transforms any digital support (screen, totem, kiosk, etc.) in a window that interacts with the consumer while at once capturing audience data for business holders, among other kinds of possible interactions. Netipbox Technologies has developed a native APK that allows the screen to be controlled 100 percent.

Netipbox Technologies has over 10 years’ experience in digitalizing physical environments and creating digital communication channels with technology that affords users a whole range of new experiences, while at the same time allowing system managers to improve the performance of their corporate or commercial spaces. Netipbox Technologies is at the forefront of Smart Digital Signage systems in Europe and has invested over 2 million euro in R&D over the last four years to develop a “platform + player” solution with its own technology. Netipbox Technologies offers turnkey end-to-end Smart Digital Signage solutions, also including the creation of contents for the client through IMPACTIVA, its creative agency whose mission is to design attractive, striking and effective content for the end consumer.

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