NETGEAR Launches PR460X Pro Router


NETGEAR is launching the newest addition to complete NETGEAR’s Total Network Solution Ecosystem for residential installers — the PR460X — a 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router with Insight Remote Cloud Management.

The PR460X router was designed exclusively for residential and commercial installation projects in mind, and to bundle with NETGEAR Pro WiFi Access Points and select Smart Switches to deliver a complete, seamless and future-proof custom experience.

The hardware of the PR460X, featuring 10G/multi-gig throughput, multiple Ethernet ports and an SFP+ port, enables data transfers, accommodating multiple connected devices — from the smart TV and PoE speaker system, to the at-home conference setup and home security system — without compromising speed. For homeowners, the router’s dual-WAN failover protection guarantees that families stay connected even during critical moments as the PR460X seamlessly switches to the backup in the event of a primary connection failure, ensuring continuous access to online services, streaming and smart devices.

Residential installers can complete the total network solution with NETGEAR’s:

  • Pro WiFi Access Points — a comprehensive product line of WiFi 6 and 6E access points supported by 2.5G Ethernet, fully compatible with Insight Managed Multi-Gig PoE Smart Switches.
  • Smart Switches — a robust product line of Multi-Gig and 10G PoE switches, spanning five to 48 ports with POE+ and POE++ capability for powering Pro WiFi Access Points, for example.

The PR460X’s integration with NETGEAR Pro WiFi Access Points and select Smart Switches through the Insight Cloud Management platform ensures “comprehensive coverage and optimal performance.” NETGEAR says this integration simplifies setup and enhances overall network management. This platform empowers users with easy plug-and-play setup and comprehensive cloud (app and online portal) and local management capabilities. With a four-year Insight subscription included, residential integrators gain real-time control over their clients’ networks from anywhere, 24/7.

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Additional technical specifications

  • Hardware — 10G/Multi-Gig throughput and 1×2.5G WAN, 1x10G/Multi-Gig WAN/LAN configurable port, 3×2.5G LAN and 1x10G SFP+ LAN ports.
  •  Primary and secondary internet connections — Dual-WAN ports for failover accommodating two internet connections to maintain a reliable link. The first connection functions as the primary and the other as a backup.
  • 8 VLANs for network segmentation — For more secure and efficient use of network resources, separate the network into up to 8 segments (VLANs).
  • 8 DHCP servers for better security and manageability — Multiple DHCP servers enable multiple Layer3 independent networks for a higher level of security and intra-network manageability, one for each VLAN.
  • IPSec VPN — Provides up to 30 VPN tunnels for businesses to connect remote workers, branch offices and partners to the main corporate network.