Neowit Will Showcase Groundbreaking Integration with Partner Neat at ISE 2024

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The fast-growing smart building and workspace company, Neowit has today announced its partnership with Neat for smarter workspaces. Neat ( provides a complete portfolio of simple, versatile and beautiful video devices that address the communication needs of today’s workforce.

The collaboration between the two Norwegian companies marks a significant step in advancing smart office technologies, integrating Neat’s innovative video conferencing devices into Neowit’s powerful workspace platform.

The partnership focuses on leveraging Neat’s cutting-edge devices as intelligent sensors with the Neowit Workspace software. By harnessing Neat’s video conferencing devices for functionalities like people counting and indoor environment monitoring, Neowit does automatic booking, booking extension and auto release of meeting rooms in combination with comprehensive analytics for space utilization and enhanced overall workspace efficiency.

The Integration and Partnership in short:

Ghost Meeting Prevention: Neowit will utilize Neat’s occupancy data to address the issue of ghost meetings. Automated processes will release reserved spaces if no attendees are detected, promoting efficient space utilization

Automation Booking-Extension-Release: With the combined solution of Neowit and Neat, the user can set up their own settings for automatic booking of rooms, automatic extension of a booking and automatic release of a meeting room if it is vacant.

Hardware Integration: Neat’s video devices seamlessly integrate with Neowit’s platform, enhancing its sensor capabilities for precise people counting and air quality measurement.

Data-Driven Insights: The collaboration enables Neowit to leverage occupancy data obtained from Neat’s devices for in-depth analytics. This data empowers businesses with valuable insights into space utilization patterns and aids in making informed decisions for optimizing the workspace.

Enhanced Workplace Experience: By combining Neat’s video devices with Neowit’s workspace platform, the partnership aims to create an integrated environment that fosters a seamless and productive workplace experience.

Save the Environment & Save Money: By utilizing Neat’s integrated sensors you do not need to invest in separate motion and indoor environment sensors this saves both the environment and your overall cost. You will also be able to optimize your spaces and increase the overall utilization, that over time will help achieve your ESG goals.

Patrik Forsberg, VP Strategic alliances & partnerships in Neowit comments:
“We are thrilled to partner with Neat to enhance our smart workspace solutions. The integration of Neat’s hardware with the Neowit platform opens up new possibilities for smarter workspaces and meeting rooms, bringing us one step closer to creating the office of the future”.

Johan Lantz, Product Manager at Neat comments: “Today’s modern office needs smarter and more flexible spaces to support collaboration and productivity. We are happy to partner with Neowit to integrate our powerful and simple video devices with the Neowit platform to improve workspace utilization and efficiency.”