Need to Mount Giant LCDs Directly to the Wall or Recessed? The Peerless-AV STS650 Can Do It.

peerless av scissor mount

Peerless-AV introduced a mounting system for direct-to-wall and recessed applications, the STS650 SmartMount Universal Scissor Wall Mount. The STS650 is designed to solve issues around installation and servicing of large displays in recessed or direct to wall applications within digital signage, corporate and retail settings. The STS650 supports 39″ to 85″+ displays, with a maximum load capacity of 200 lbs. The extendable adapter arms allow displays to be pulled out 12 inches from the wall. This extended access provides installation and maintenance of power and cabling without removing the display, while also offering display placement options for outlets and in-wall boxes.

STS650 Universal Scissor Wall Mount Application Image 2

The adapter arms can be adjusted and tensioned to any depth so that the display sits flush to the wall or in custom-built recessed applications. Additional post-installation levelling, lateral adjustment and Increlok Tilt Technology adjustment features allow for fine-tuning. The built-in automatic spring locks and quick-release cords further simplify installation and maintenance.

With the ACC-UCM2 optional accessory, a single installer can pre-install, configure, and cable AV components ahead of time off-site. This allows the installer to hook the pre-configured trays onto the STS650 (left, right, or both sides), significantly reducing installation time and ensuring cables and components are neatly installed behind the display, out of view.

Compatible mounting patterns range from 200×100 to 600×600, the STS650 provides the ability for mounted displays to be precisely configured to cater to the specific needs of any environment and use case.

The new STS650 SmartMount Universal Scissor Wall Mount is now available now.