NEC’s 4K Makes World Debuted at ISE

ise-necWe headed over to the NEC Display stand here at Integrated Systems Europe to see two of its newest products and one turned out to be a debut — the first time it was shown anywhere. NEC’s 4K resolution 84” LED-lit LCD monitor, the X841UHD, was mounted vertically in the NEC booth and included a demo package from BMW that allows clients to build their own car. It looks like you’re siting in a brand new car. rAVe founder Gary Kayye spoke with Manager Software Solutions & Future Technologies Marketing & Business Development Thorsten Wilm explained the company’s new 4K as well as when we can expect it to ship. Here’s the video:

While there, Gary spoke to three others there representing NEC in both indoor and outdoor digital signage as well as control rooms:

  • Chris Parker, EMEA Product Manager Desktop showed off a digital signage application using the NEC MultiSync EA294WMi wide-screen display
  • Jonathan Cooper, Business Development Consultant showed both the indoor and outdoor LEDs
  • Jeff Greenberg, CEO, Hiperwall, explained his partnership with NEC