NEC Simplifies Digital Signage With Slot-in PCs

NEC-Slot-in-PC-ApplicationPicture_insideHands_med-0616NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched new Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Slot-in PCs for large format displays and projectors, enhancing content playback for digital signage. The sixth generation Intel Core i processors offer UHD (3840×2160) resolution for applications such as flight information control in airports, media playback for retail signage, menu board systems for quick service restaurants or video conferencing in corporate applications.

All large format NEC displays and PX and PH installation projectors are compatible with the new Slot-in PCs. All NEC Slot-in options are based on OPS, the first industry-wide digital signage standard, simplifying device installation and making it easier to upgrade digital signage equipment. As an industry standard, OPS therefore ensures a future-proof investment for organizations.

Retailers, restaurants or airports can use the Slot-in PCs to tailor-make seamless solutions to meet their individual business needs, using a range of solid-state drives, RAM, operating systems, TMP for enhanced security, G3.75 for mobile data or by adding Wi-Fi. This targeted approach adds to the overall efficiency and return on investment for displays, long-term.

The four new NEC OPS Slot-in PCs (all using the Intel Celeron up to Core i7) will be available July 2016. Here are the specs.