The NEC Showcase Was More Than a Day in Digital

We just covered one of the most creative manufacturer-based regional shows, ever. NEC Display’s UK office has been holding what they call the NEC Showcase for 10-year now and this year, rAVe was invited to cover the show with a dedicated microsite (just like we do at major shows like InfoComm, CEDIA, ISE, Integrate and the Almo E4 AV Tour). I am glad we did as this prompted me to, prior to attending, plan on shooting a guided tour video of the entire NEC Showcase. So, I was prepared and now you get to see why I say that this event was one of the best, most creative manufacturer-based shows I’ve attended in my nearly 30-year career in AV. Seriously, go watch this:

OK, now you agree, right?

This entire show wasn’t just a bunch of table-top displays – it was completely themed as A Day in Digital! NEC pulled it off, too. They showed you how you (and your clients) can integrate NEC Displays, along with 40+ other 3rd party manufacturers, into your day – everywhere! Again, if you’re just reading this without having watched the tour video, you missing it – go watch this video. You will be convinced. Heck, even other display manufacturers have emailed me to tell me how much they liked what NEC did here in the UK.

In addition to the tour video, we actually went around and show 40 other videos around the show floor as well as recorded (with the help of the Extron SME 211) all four conference sessions – including both of my keynote sessions. Our dedicated NEC Show case microsite is here:

Bravo to NEC UK – now, how will you possibly out-do yourself in 2019? I can’t wait to see…