NEC NC1100L: Compact Laser Projector for Cinema

NEC_NC1100L-0414NEC Display announced the availability of “the world’s first fully integrated compact DCI-compliant digital cinema projector using laser light source.” Designed for screens up to 11 meters, the NEC NC1100L is for use in venues such as cinemas and art houses, as well as public buildings, theaters and universities. And, like most other laser-based light systems, the projector’s light source is spec’d to last 20,000 hours.

Because the NC1100L projector has no exhaust system, it can be floor- or ceiling-mounted as close to surfaces as an installer would like — or even inside walls. So far, it’s the most compact cinema laser projector available, measuring 700 x 1042 x 314 millimeters. The projector’s 2K DCI-compliant cinema quality delivers an image bright enough to display on screens up to 11m in DCI colour (1.8 Gain screen).

The NC1100L can be deployed as a complete one-stop digital cinema solution, using the built-in Integrated Media Server (IMS). This brings an ‘all in one’ Integrated Media Block and 2TB Storage Server for versatile connectivity and enhanced savings as less peripheral devices are needed.

Here are all the details.