NEC Display Releases New Install-Anywhere Laser Projector for Digital Cinemas

nec projectorNEC Display announced the release of the NC1402L Monday. A native 2048×1080, it’s a 9500-lumen, install-anywhere laser projector that’s aimed at digital cinemas but could be used anywhere.

The NC1402L benefits from NEC Display’s sealed optical engine technology, which creates a dust-proof enclosure around the optical element. With no lamp or filter replacement costs, the NC1402L offers maintenance-free operation and low, eco-friendly power consumption. Also, by using laser light source technology, the projector achieves a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours under normal usage conditions. As a result, theater operators can benefit from a reduced overall total operational cost and a higher per seat revenue.

The NC1402L is also equipped with an internal liquid cooling system, eliminating the need for an exhaust and allowing the projector to run at a quiet 49 decibels.

The 1402L is DCI-compliant (thus, the 2048×1080, 17×9 aspect ratio and 2K resolution) can project 3D content. The NC1402L is designed as a projection solution for mid-sized screens (up to 45.9 feet) or boothless projection without sacrificing quality. It is suitable for floor and ceiling installation and is compatible with a wide range of lenses.

The NC1402L will be available starting in May 2020.