NEC Debuts Two OPS-Compliant Computers for DS Applications

NEC Display Solutions introduced two additional Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) compliant computers for integration with NEC LCDs and projectors with OPS slots. The OPS platform is an industry-wide standard for the design and development of digital signage to simplify installation and maintenance. These internal PCs can run multiple video formats and high-definition content at 1080p and are targeted for use with digital signage in airports, quick-service restaurants, education, rental and staging, corporate lobbies, healthcare facilities and retail stores.

The new OPS-PCIC family utilizes Intel Sandy Bridge microarchitecture with a 2.5GHz Dual Core i5 CPU and 2GB of RAM. With an integrated Ethernet connection, a DisplayPort output and four USB ports, connectivity is easy to manage and simple to use. The OPS-PCIC family includes the following models:

  • OPS-PCIC-5WH, Windows 7 Embedded and 250GB disk drive
  • OPS-PCIC-5WS, Windows 7 Embedded and 32GB solid state drive

NEC’s PH1000U, PX700W, PX750U and PX800X projectors are compatible with most OPS devices, while the X461S and X551S super slim LCD displays are compatible with all OPS families. The OPS device adapter (SB-02AM) is required for the V422, V462, V551, V651, V651-TOUCH, P402, P462, P552, P702, X463UN andX551UN models, as well as the product bundle offerings.

The OPS-PCIC family of PCs will be available for shipment in July 2012 with a three-year warranty and a list price of $1,200

Complete specs are here and here.