NEC Debuts a 65″ Touchscreen Aimed at Education

Aimed at the K-12 market, NEC Display Solutions of America announced a 65-inch E651-T display integrated with 10-point integrated infrared (IR) touch. Drawing on insights from educators, NEC Display built a solution that minimizes technology distractions, maximizes classroom time and learning and reduces costs.

The display’s anti-glare, tempered glass, for example, allows for a more matte finish on the surface of the panel that not only protects the display from damage but also reduces the incidental fingerprinting and glare that can often take away from the imagery on the screen. This also allows for a more natural feel when touching the glass, forming a familiar tactile experience that is similar to that of a smart device.

The display’s power consumption — just 140 watts — is extremely low considering the sizeable surface area of the fully commercial display. This helps lower the overall total cost of ownership for the customer. The display also has a built-in media player that can be prioritized so that the display can automatically switch to USB-loaded content when the touchscreen is not in use via an external source.

The other benefits of the new E651-T display include:

  • Integrated IR touch capabilities for finger, pen or included stylus touch interaction
  • High brightness efficiency at 400 cd/m2 of brightness
  • Commercial-grade backlighting
  • Reduced overall depth to 3.4 total inches
  • Free DisplayNote presenter license for in-classroom collaboration
  • HDMI x3 and VGA video inputs
  • Two integrated 10-watt speakers
  • Built-in 24-hour scheduler function
  • Landscape or portrait orientation capable

The E651-T display will be available in June 2017, will list for $2,799. Here are the details.