NEC Adds New S-Series to LCD Monitor Line-up

NEC S Series 0410

Last month NEC Display NEC-S-Series-0410announced its new S Series, featuring the addition of the 40-inch S401 and 46-inch S461 LCD displays. Replacing the renowned M Series, the S Series is ideal for those customers with digital signage and entertainment applications running for extended operation times. These types of environments can include airports, hospitality, boardrooms and public areas.

The 1080p native displays offer a variety of new features compared to previous generation models, including DisplayPort and Ethernet connectivity and an ambient light sensor for automatically setting brightness based on existing lighting conditions. The displays spec a contrast ratio of 4000:1, an increase from its predecessors, while maintaining the same level of power consumption, according to NEC. The S401 and S461 have the ability to be tiled in a video wall matrix up to 10×10 (100 displays), which is an improvement from the previous 5×5 capability of the M Series. Brightness is spec’d at 250 cd/m2 and the S401 and S461 will be available for April 2010 shipment listing at $1,399.99 and $1,799.99, respectively.
You can see all the specs at:

Better, brighter, cheaper — the world of high-quality LCD displays is really paying attention to the needs of stagers now. From the specs, these models (especially at the price) look to be well-designed for our needs. I’m looking forward to seeing them at the show.