NEC Adds Features to Its ProAssist Projector Software

NEC ProAssist In Application

NEC Display Solutions of America announced an expansion of features, capabilities and availability of the ProAssist projector software solution.

Expanding the number of projectors that its software is compatible with, ProAssist can now provide projection perfection to the NEC NP-PA803UL / NP-PA703UL (Firmware version 1.12 or later), NP-PA804UL / NP-PA1004UL, NP-PX803UL (Firmware version 1.11 or later), NP-PX1004UL (Firmware version 1.07 or later), and the NP-PX1005QL / NP-PH2601QL / NP-PH3501QL.

ProAssist is a professional-grade adjustment and control solution for coordinated projection from multiple installation projectors. According to NEC, whether the illuminist uses stacking, edge blending or projection-mapping techniques, ProAssist ensures uniformity across the entire image. Installers can use ProAssist from a computer or tablet via a network to fine-tune each projector to correct any misalignments, saving them from making time-consuming, manual adjustments to individual projectors.

NEC ProAssist Interface

ProAssist allows for the adjustment of image quality using all picture controls like brightness, contrast, white balance and more. ProAssist also offers lens functionality for the image’s focus, to zoom or shift as needed. It also allows users to turn the projectors on/off, switch inputs and alter anything typically available from the menu, without displaying the menu on the projected image and distracting the audience. These adjustments can also be made off-site and remotely.

ProAssist is designed for customers that want to make an impression with their image or content on a large screen in a classroom, meeting room, auditorium or other large space. With its efficient control software, ProAssist is an option for applications in digital signage, leisure and entertainment, higher education, rental and staging, artistic expressions and museums.