Neat and Neowit Offer a Solution to Ghost Meetings in UCC

neat neowit ghost meetings ucc

Ghost meetings refer to meetings and rooms that are booked but not attended. This leads to unused meeting rooms and frustrated employees that are not able to find available rooms even though the rooms are not in use. Additionally, ghost meetings lead to underutilized spaces and resources, causing unnecessary costs for the organization.

To combat ghost meetings, Neowit and Neat offer features that automatically release unattended bookings, ensuring better space utilization and resource optimization. By addressing the issue of ghost meetings, organizations can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and create a more efficient and streamlined work environment.

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Neowit and Neat work together to provide a seamless system for managing meeting room availability in real-time. If a meeting is booked but the room remains empty, the reservation is automatically released, freeing it up for others. Conversely, if someone needs a room spontaneously, they can use it and the system will automatically book it, reflecting the change in occupancy. This means there’s no need for users to manually adjust bookings — everything happens behind the scenes. These features eliminate wasted time and ensure meeting rooms are used efficiently.

Neowit Flexspace integrates with Microsoft 365 calendar and Google Calendar, so all auto-releases and auto-bookings are fully synced with your calendar of choice.

Neowit utilizes Neat occupancy data to detect if a booked meeting room is actually being used. Neat provides real-time data on occupancy levels, allowing organizations to monitor, analyze and optimize space utilization using the Neowit Flexspace application. By capturing accurate occupancy information, Neowit helps businesses identify patterns and make informed decisions about their meeting room needs.