NEAR Intros Two New NEARSCAPES Landscape Audio Systems

Today NEAR, a manufacturer of outdoor loudspeakers and electronics for residential use, introduced two new satellite/subwoofer landscape speaker systems of exceptional performance, beauty and flexibility – the NEARSCAPES IG44.1 and the NEARSCAPES IG44.1DSP. The new models are expected to join the existing NEARSCAPES landscape systems in Q1 2018.

The NEARSCAPES IG44.1 system (MSRP $3,739) features four IG4M two-way satellite bollard style speakers, one IGS100M in-ground subwoofer, and five IE1 direct burial junction boxes. The NEARSCAPES IG44.1DSP (MSRP $4,739) adds one NEAR 3XL power amplifier to the same 4.1 speaker package.

The system covers a 3,000-square-foot area with NEAR’s signature audiophile-grade sound. The extraordinary area coverage of these systems is due to the wide 120-degree dispersion of the IG4M satellite speakers. Fewer NEARSCAPES speakers are needed to cover a given area with high clarity sound than with competing systems with 60-degree dispersion. With NEARSCAPES systems, every listener in the coverage area will hear full performance sound without overly loud “hot” and low-fidelity “dead” zones.

Integrators will appreciate the installation simplicity and flexibility afforded by the IG4M’s design. The bollard-style speaker can be partially buried for maximum security and minimal visual profile or ground mounted with its included ground stake. The five IE1 direct burial junction boxes simplify wiring hookup and ensure long-term signal connection integrity.

On the underside of the satellite enclosures are two IP68-rated connectors that allow convenient daisy chain wiring of multiple IG4M speakers on a single line. Integrators can choose to power the speaker with a 70-volt line (power taps: 64W, 32W, 16W, 8W and 4W) or with a 16-ohm operation via a rotary switch located under a protective cover.

The driver complement of one 4.5-inch driver with a coincident 1-inch bridge-mounted tweeter is mounted on a 25-degree upward-angled baffle to ensure well-balanced sound at ear level. The components feature NEAR technologies, such as ultra low mass Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) cones. Both woofer and tweeter are Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) “spiderless” designs, resulting in longer cone excursion for low distortion high output and consistent behavior from arctic cold to desert hot (-20 to +160 degrees F; -29 – +71 C).

The IG4M enclosure is 7-3/4 inches diameter at the base and 19-1/2 inches high. When partially buried in the ground, the exposed part of the speaker is merely 6 inches diameter and as little as 10 inches high.

The IGS100M subwoofer can be used freestanding or in-ground for minimum visibility and maximum bass performance. It features a 10-inch woofer in a bandpass enclosure. The woofer driver employs an ultra low mass Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT) for best-in-class sound quality and durability. The driver is an Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) “spiderless” design resulting in longer cone excursion for superior bass output and lower distortion.

The two-channel NEAR 3XL amplifier supplies 350 WPC — more than enough to power the IG44.1 speaker system to concert-level volumes over a 3000 square foot area.  The amp’s DSP is preconfigured to bring out the best performance from the IG44.1 speakers. Crossovers, equalization, power limiting and other parameters are preset perfectly at the factory. More advanced users can access the full array of DSP controls through a GUI accessed via a laptop connected to the Ethernet port.

NEAR will demonstrate the NEARSCAPES IG44.1DSP system in booth 4250 at CEDIA Expo 2017. The new NEARSCAPES speaker systems are expected to ship to U.S. dealers in Q1 2018.