NDI Adds Interoperability Certification Program and Searchable Database of Compatibility


NDI says it is shaping the next generation of products through its “NDI Certified program.” Designed to increase interoperability, NDI says its certification program is instrumental in the  NDI ecosystem of devices, applications and workflows.

Among surveyed broadcast professionals who are leveraging IP around the world, NDI is the most used IP-based technology (Source: Haivision’s Broadcast Transformation Report 2023). To support the rate of adoption of NDI users and innovation from manufacturers, the program ensures each new device and advancement made adheres to the NDI standard to enhance the connectivity experience for end users and installers alike. To date, NDI says there are over 50 devices certified from companies like Atomos, JVC, Kiloview, Marshall, Panasonic, Telycom, Vizrt, and over two dozen cameras, converters, encoders/decoders, switchers,and controllers by the end of the year.
The company says products that become NDI Certified have been thoroughly tested by the NDI team, validating that each NDI equipment can seamlessly communicate, exchange data and function together. Devices will also be tested against criteria defined for different formats and in turn, the badges will inform the end user by communicating which NDI formats the device is enabled to support.
Each individual device model is analyzed by the manufacturer’s specs and inspects interoperability testing, glass-to-glass latency, image compression and quality, NDI format and codecs supported, user interface experience and configuration settings.
Key Benefits of NDI Certified Products
  • Certified equipment offers consistent performance even in innovative and creative integrations, ranging from educational environments to dynamic signage, driving innovation in learning and business communication.
  • Scalability becomes simplified, allowing organizations to expand their NDI systems without concerns about compatibility problems or performance.
  • Certified devices are less prone to issues, allowing users to spend more time creating and less time troubleshooting.
  • The overall NDI ecosystem of products becomes more interoperable and consistent, benefiting all product manufacturers that are part of it.
NDI also offers a Searchable Database of Compatibility: