Navori Labs Updates Its Digital Signage Software

navori labs QL updates

Navori Labs’ new QL 2.2.5 is the latest version of its digital signage software with 16 innovations that emphasizes an improved user experience across its core components while integrating new features that address emerging digital signage trends.

Navori’s QL is offered in two versions, QL Express and QL Professional. The platform comprises three main components: QL Server, available in the Navori Cloud or as an on-premise solution; QL Content Manager, a web-based UI for desktop and mobile devices; and QL Player, the cross-platform media player software for delivering multi-zone, multi-threaded and multi-layered content. All receive updates in QL 2.2.5.

The most significant improvements focus on QL Content Manager, which applies the latest programming and proprietary languages within its completely rewritten software. These enhancements accelerate UI functions by eight times the speed of its preceding version, with a 50 percent reduction in server load to support faster processing, according to Navori. The latest version also adopts the new security standards, with certification to host tens of thousands of players for large-scale digital signage networks.

The latest QL Content Manager improvements extend to QL Designer, an integrated module for content creation. New features streamline the content creation and approval process, including the ability to copy and delete objects simultaneously while working with templates and media. Additionally, a new object snap feature improves media presentation with simplified alignment and positioning, and the application of effects to multiple objects, including text fields, dates, times and top-layer images.

QL Content Manager also adds a new Smart Folder feature within its media library, allowing users to display content based on assigned tags, final expiration status, and user type, along with clear guidance on what content requires approval before distribution. Monitoring within QL Content Manager also has improvements. It includes a defined window to display additional QL Player data across display models, available storage and the version of each player’s OS. The redesigned QL Content Manager UI provides detailed QL Player diagnostics for monitoring and performance data, with the ability to export QL Player lists detailing current status.

While most updates focus on the user experience, QL 2.2.5 also brings new features and improvements for system interoperability. At the core, QL Server can now download all stored content via the Content Properties window, with proof of playback reports that provide each impression’s exact time. QL 2.2.5 also strengthens interoperability with QL Player for BrightSign, a custom software application that integrates Navori’s QL software and OS on a standard SD card.

Navori has also tightened QL Server and Player interoperability with QL Mobile, Navori’s recently-introduced smartphone and tablet tool for interactive, localized content management. Interoperability is improved through new WebSockets for real-time communications tied to content publishing, remote player reboots, data feed updates and QL Player software updates, among other features. For example, QL Mobile users can now turn multiple displays on or off with a tap. In contrast, an extended tap enables editing (template data feeds, edit values) and image uploads via OneDrive, Google Drive and other cloud-based storage platforms.

QL 2.2.5 also integrates “QL Access Control,” a new add-on feature announced last week that helps facilities to regulate and secure entry and exit traffic. QL Access Control leverages the company’s Computer Vision artificial intelligence (AI) technology and performs real-time calculations for a number of visitors, presence of protective face masks (including all fabric types, shapes, colors and patterns) and foot traffic management via interactive digital signage.